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You'd never intentionally make a stupid investment for your retirement. Yet, most of us do everyday. We invest or should I say digest horrible things into our body. Over time these bad "investments" rob us of the most important thing in retirement, our health, and potentially give us a huge negative return in the form of high health care expenses. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do now to create a healthy retirement.

Simple Investments to Create a Healthier Retirement.

Pharmacist, Phil Carson of has counseled patients for years on medications to treat their health problems. Over those years, he's seen the long-term effects of treating symptoms and not the causes of common health issues.

In this episode he shares his simple advice to create a healthier retirement.

Highlights From Our Conversation

 "I want to help those that are half living to learn that they can live fully alive."

"You get to that point when your retired and you don’t want to end up spending all of your money on health care. You have this nice nest egg and they start to see it dwindle away because they have to spend so much on healthcare because they didn’t do what was necessary before hand."

"Be proactive. Don’t wait until your dealing with a health issue like high blood pressure or cholesterol ."

"What I see a lot are people at retirement age that have been working to build up that nest egg, waiting to retire. When they finally retire and then they get sick because they’ve pushed themselves so hard. They failed to stop to thing and be proactive in taking care of their body."

"When your talking about health and being proactive and taking care of your body, I look at that as an investment in your future."

"It’s not just about the quantity of life, you’ve got to think about the quality."

"A lot of medications are designed to just treat symptoms. They’re not designed to treat the underlying cause."

Don’t just look at treating symptoms, treat the cause."

"The majority of people with high chlorestorol issues, its because of their lifestyle problems"

5 Simple Health Investments to Make Now

  • DRINK WATER (one half your body weight in ounces).
  • Get source minerals from spring water or supplements.
  • Replace electrolytes.
  • Eat more food instead of food products.
  • Exercise.

Diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes?

Facts From Dr. Phil Carson

  • 29 million diagnosed with diabetes
  • 86 million diagnosed with pre-diabetes
  • Statistics show that if within 5 years, these folks don’t make some type of lifestyle changes they will be in a diabetic state.
  • Making lifestyle modifications can help turn things around for most that have been diagnosed with pre-diabietes.
  • A health coach can make all the difference in helping you make lifestyle habits.
  • A lot of times we need that person to come along side us to give us that nudge and help keep us on track.

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