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Deal with Death By Celebrating Life

Last week, I wrote about my sister's passing and her wish that her family have a "Celebration of Life" picnic (you can read it here).

In this podcast, I share my thoughts on my sister's choice and how you can do the same.

How to Overcome New Car Fever

New car fever is a difficult bug to beat. Everyday, driving, you window shop as you drive, imagining yourself in the car models you see whizz by. Once you're bitten, the fever typically ends in you in a shiny new car.

  1. Remember your priorities
  2. Detail your car at least every other month
  3. Pay for a complete car wash once per week
  4. Buy a some key accessories to refresh your cars look

A Useful App to Help You Identify Spending Habits

Once every two months you should track your spending habits with an app like Expensify to:

  1. Create an opportunity to discuss spending habits
  2. Reconcile your spending habits with your stated financial priorities
  3. Identify wasteful spending habits
  4. Keep you and your partner accountable to each other 

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