Retirement Answer Man

Want to retire a year earlier? Maybe have a bigger lifestyle budget for travel? You might be able to if you change your relationship with your car.

 "According to, the average monthly payment on a new vehicle is $479. Considering your existing car is trouble-free, saving that $479 per month means an annual savings of $5,748 by postponing the purchase of a new vehicle" (

In this episode I talk with James Kinson from Cash Car Convert. James is on a mission to change how people think about and buy cars. 

  • What to look for when you're buying a used car.
  • The value of buying used
  • The dangers of long car loans
  • How to buy a used car
  • The value of buying a used car from a new car dealer
  • How long a car can last (and still look great)
  • Why you should do all the schedule maintenance

In the Market for a Car?

Connect with James and learn how to do it right

Bill and Sally Want to Retire

Based on your feedback from January's Can Carl Retire series, I've created a case study for us to work through in the month of March.

Meet Bill and Sally :BillSally Profile Pic
  • Bill is 58 years old. Sally is 59
  • They've been married for 13 years (their 2nd marriage)
  • Both work outside the home
  • Each has an adult child from a previous marriage
  • Neither has a pension
  • Both started saving later in life (early 40's)
  • Bill is very worried about the markets and world economy

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