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Do you have a net worth statement that you update regularly? Whether or not you do, you’ll want to learn about the psychological benefits that this exercise can create. In this episode of The Retirement Answer Man show, we’ll discuss what a net worth statement is and how you can gain from creating one regularly. 

You’ll also hear several listener questions that range from inherited IRAs to I-bonds, to SPIA annuities. If you are interested in rocking retirement, you’ll need to arm yourself with the knowledge to help you navigate this change in life. Listen in to get started on your retirement education journey. 

A Rock Retirement Club announcement

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What is a net worth statement?

If you have listened to the Retirement Answer Man show in the past, then you already know that a net worth statement is a statement of the resources you have accumulated with your wealth. 

Your net worth statement lists all of your assets and their values and your debts and their values. Assets like your retirement accounts, investment accounts, or property are listed on the left side of the net worth statement. These assets can be categorized by whether they are tax-deferred, after-tax, or tax-free accounts. On the right side is the debt column. Total each column up to see the value of each. Once you do that you’ll subtract the debts from your assets and have your net worth. 

Creating this valuable financial tool is a way to understand the cumulative impact of the financial decisions you have earned. Do you have a net worth statement that you update regularly? 

The 5 ways you can use your income

Since there are only 5 things that you can do with your income, your net worth statement reflects those financial decisions that you have made. These are the 5 ways that you can use your money:

  1. Spend it. 
  2. Pay down debt
  3. Give it away.
  4. Save it as cash in an emergency fund.
  5. Invest for the future.

For every dollar you have earned you have made a decision (whether consciously or unconsciously) to do one of these 5 things, so your net worth statement is a reflection of these choices. 

Creating a net worth statement provides a psychological impact

By updating your net worth statement periodically you’ll be able to compare how your finances reflect your values and whether you are using your finances to stay in line with your goals. If you identify any incongruencies then you can address the behavior before it gets out of hand. 

Have you ever put together a net worth statement? When was the last time you updated it? As a rule of thumb try revisiting it every 6 months.

Make sure to listen to the next episode to hear my word of the year!



  • [1:56] What is a net worth statement?
  • [4:50] Creating a net worth statement provides a psychological impact


  • [11:21] You can work with LTCI Partners directly
  • [14:45] Mike asks if I-bonds are a no-brainer
  • [20:12] Examples of how people have blended retirement with meaningful work
  • [24:28] A comment about SPIA annuities
  • [32:25] Alternatives for the fixed income portion of assets in retirement 
  • [35:27] Navigating the changes to the inherited IRA RMD rules


  • [37:51] Consider creating experiences rather than giving gifts for the holidays

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