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I'm still amazed at the level of engagement and transparency "Carl" has had throughout the process of creating his retirement plan on the show. I'm just as amazed at how much the series has resonated with you, the listener. Your questions, comments, suggestions and thank you's made the series better.

In this episode, you'll get to hear directly from Carl and Jane as we discuss the Can Carl series, retirement, planning, investing and where they go from here. Recently, while on a business trip, I had the privilege of spending an evening with Carl and Jane at their home. After a great dinner (thank you Jane), we sat together and I recorded our conversation. Lots of pearls of wisdom here, so it's worth a listen.

A Personal Reflection on “Can Carl Retire”…. 

On September 5th, 2014 a listener to The Retirement Answer Man wrote the following email to Roger:


New to you, impressed. Spent 30 mins in your library today - well done. Wondered if you'd be interested in doing a "deep profile" as a blog? I could share all my detail, you could use as a case study for a blog (keeping me anonymous, preferably?). I'm 51, manage my own $, have ~ $1.8 M net worth and pension, looking to sell house to downsize to cabin (2nd home at the moment),  have a detailed tracking of actually spending by month. Question: Out by 54, 55, or 56?  How much "cushion" is worth the extra time being a corporate rat vs pursuing our dream of RV'ing and working seasonal jobs in National Parks. I could share any level of detail you'd ask for to build an interesting case study. Interested?

That listener was me, who you all now know as Carl.

Three nights ago I had the wonderful experience of sharing dinner in my home with Roger and my wife (who you know as Jane), and found it to be a perfect celebration of success. Success via an innovative podcast series which grew from that seed of an idea first planted in that email 5 months ago.  It’s personally very rewarding to have conceived of an original idea and participated as the idea grew to a beneficial fruition, and I’d challenge all of you to seek similar opportunities. So…..

……What worked?

  1. Beneficial:  To me (free retirement review), The Retirement Answer Man (interesting podcast fodder) and The Listener (education and free resources).  Find something that brings value to folks beyond yourself.
  1. Mentally Stimulating: The podcast recording sessions with Roger were a blast.  I’ve been 100% “Self Studied” until now, having the opportunity to banter with a pro was stimulating.  Find something that stimulates your mind.
  1. Assuring:  Having a professional review of this critical question (Can You Retire?) goes a long way in steading nerves as you approach perhaps the most important decision in your working career. Find something that answers that “nagging question” in your life.
  1. Relationships:  They’re important, and a new relationship was built between Carl and Roger that I am confident will continue for years to come.  Find ways to build relationships.

To close:  Carl didn’t do anything extraordinary.  He came up with an idea (case study), identified the right platform (podcast), then approached the right person for the concept (The Retirement Answer Man).  Any of you can do the same, and I hope this series encourages you to try.


Your Feedback

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From Dave 

"After living through the dot com downturn in 2000-2001, I never really recovered in my ability to deal with the market volatility and staying the course in downturns.  As a result, I have generally stayed out of the market for many years. I know that inflation risk is an issue so I am slowly getting back into the markets.  I would like to see you cover a case study or set of recommendations / strategies that would address these issues."

From Kevin

"I’ve been enjoying your blog & podcast for the last three months, your content is interesting especially for finance geeks like me.  I would be interested in either another real world example or case study of a plan you've previously worked on that does not include a large pension."

From Ken

"I really enjoyed the podcast series with Carl.......I would like for you to do another with someone that isn't perhaps as well off financially and much closer to retirement... I think this would prove beneficial to all age groups."


 You Get to Help Me Answer: Can Bill and Sally Retire?


Starting March 4th, I'll start a new series with a fact set based on your feedback. And the best part is, this time, YOU GET TO HELP. 

Just like last time, you'll have the chance to sign up to plan along side Bill and Sally and attend a live webinar at the end of the month.

Unlike last time, this will be a pure case study (no live subject) and you'll get to help build the plan for Bill and Sally. Each week, as we walk through each step of process, I'll ask you to brainstorm solutions to help Bill and Sally get close to their IDEAL retirement. 

I'm still working out some of the details but here are the basic facts:

  • Bill is 56, Sally is 57
  • Married 13 years (2nd marriage)
  • Both work and their household income is $180k
  • 2 children, age's 20 and 25 (one his, one hers)
  • No pension 
  • Started saving late (late 30's)
  • Worried about the markets and economy

More Details Soon (I think this is going to be great!)




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