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In today’s podcast Roger hosts a terrific conversation with Marc Miller. Marc is a veteran of the corporate world, having worked for IBM for many years. He ‘s made what he calls a “pivot” in his career journey by exiting the corporate world and starting up his own consulting and coaching business to help others pivot their lives into something more satisfying and enjoyable for the later half of their lives. You’ll hear all kinds of great topics in this chat as Roger asks Marc about how he made the transition, whether he truly IS happier now, and what others can do to position themselves for a great pivot of their own. Be sure to listen in to this episode of The Retirement Answer Man, with Roger Whitney.


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One of Roger’s greatest desires is to help you position yourself for retirement so you don’t find yourself facing financial hardship as you approach the last stage of life. Toward that end he wants to make this podcast the most helpful it can be. He’d love to hear what you like about the show and what you think has room for improvement. You can take part in the 2015 Listener Survey by texting “RAMSurvey” (all one word) to “33444.” Please take just a few moments to let Roger know what you think of the show.


Has your insurance company or investment advisor informed you that your insurance policy could be bought out?


There are a number of big name insurance companies that have decided that the “income products” they’ve offered as part of insurance packages were not such a good idea. As a result they’re offering to “buy out” those policies from policy holders. But something Roger’s noticed that irks him a bit is that some of these companies are offering a “bonus” of sorts for investment advisors who take the time to help their clients make the decision TO sell out their policy. It may be the best decision for the client, but Roger’s concerned that providing a bonus may produce a conflict of interest for some advisors, and that many clients could be misguided as a result. Find out the details on this episode.


10 rules for retirement planning


In the “Practical Planning” segment of this episode, Roger covers a handful of the 10 rules for retirement planning. In particular, he refers to the old adage, “Pay Yourself First” and points out that it not only means setting aside the first part of your income for your savings or investments, but also that “lifestyle creep” could also be a factor in not setting aside enough of your income. What is “lifestyle creep?” Find out as Roger explains the concept and its effect on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man.


Marc Miller has made the pivot from corporate career to entrepreneur and he’d like to help you navigate those waters too.


After years of working at IBM as an engineer, Marc moved out of the corporate world in favor of building his own business and the life of his dreams. He’s achieved great success and now serves people who were once in the corporate shoes he wore, helping them discover the way forward that uniquely fits them and positions them best for their retirement years. Listen to this great conversation between Marc Miller and Roger Whitney to hear Marc’s story, the lessons he’s learned, and how he helps his clients navigate out of the corporate world.




  • [0:24] Welcome to this episode - where we work together to create not just a healthy retirement, but a healthy life.

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  • [4:29] Welcome to “Roger’s Rant” about a subject that came across his desk this week.

  • [5:09] The “income products” being offered by insurance companies, and the buy-out options the companies are offering.

  • [6:32] Why Roger’s so angry… the letter he received from a major insurance company.

  • [9:26] How you should evaluate a “buy out” option on an insurance product.




  • [15:33] 10 rules for the retirement realm… a few tips to help you.

  • [16:06] The importance of paying yourself first, and what it really means.

  • [18:26] Don’t rob tomorrow

  • [18:44] Put time on your side - today’s the best day to start.

  • [19:08] Don’t count on social security.

  • [19:45] Be slow to borrow from your investments.

  • [20:00] If you’d like access to the Retirement Learning Center to get the rest of these 10 rules, text “Planning” to “33444.”




  • [21:03] Marc’s journey so far.

  • [23:30] How Marc’s thoughts on retirement changed once he got out of a major corporation.

  • [24:23] The thing that excites Marc the most about pivoting toward retirement.

  • [25:08] Does Marc think his story is a “special case” that others can’t duplicate?

  • [26:25] The comparison between Marc’s life when he was 30 or 40 and his lifestyle now.

  • [27:01] The things that worry Marc the most about being in his new stage of life.

  • [29:09] Marc’s assessment of how he’s doing in his “independent” stage of life.

  • [29:31] The transition from a big company to an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

  • [31:24] The worst financial decision Marc ever made.

  • [33:29] The biggest struggle Marc has managing his own finances.

  • [35:58] The two books that have impacted Marc most.

  • [37:38] How Marc wants to be remembered.

  • [38:56] Marc’s new e-book - Personal Branding for Baby Boomers

  • [40:53] How to connect with Marc Miller.



The Retirement Planning Center - Text “Planning” to “33444.”


Marc’s book: Personal Branding For Baby Boomers -


Marc’s website:


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