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Roger starts the show off with a bang today by answering a listener question: “I’m a smart guy. So why do I make such stupid decisions when it comes to money?” Feel familiar? We’ve all made our share of mistakes in the financial areas of our lives, and that pattern never really changes unless we come to grips with the REASONS we make those decisions in the first place. As you listen to Roger’s response to the listener’s question, see if you can pick out the main reason dumb financial decisions are made, and a handful of ways you can put safeguards in place to keep yourself from them.


What worries you most about retirement?


Have you given that question much thought? In today’s episode of Retirement Answer Man Roger speaks with Darryl Lyons, author of “Small Business, Big Pressure” and asks him that very thing. Darryl’s answer is reflective of many people in our day, concerned about whether or not he’ll have the amount of retirement funds set aside to truly achieve the things he wants to do in his “life pivot” (Darryl prefers to think of retirement that way). It’s a refreshing interchange between two swell guys, and you can hear it on this episode.


Is a college education really an important thing for your kids?


In modern America, it’s almost heretical to even ask a question like that, but Darryl Lyons not only asks it, he’s come to a a definitive “NO” answer. It’s not that Darryl is opposed to education,  he just believes that education is not the most important thing to him, especially as he considers the amount of money he’ll have to save to put his 3 girls through college. He’s not at all interested in paying that kind of money for an education that is top notch if the environment of the school isn’t supporting and promoting their character at the same time. Hear Darryl’s thinking on that and many other issues on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.


Is paying tens of thousands of dollars for your kids’ college education equipping them, or enabling them?


That’s the spirit of a question Roger asks his guest, Darryl Lyons on this episode of Retirement Answer Man, and Darryl’s answer is very intriguing. He’s convinced that much of the money spent on education today is wasted, and he’s got very strong reasons why he says that. Listen in to the conversation as Roger asks Darryl about that topic and many more, and see if you agree with Darryl.


Would you like to know what your Retirement Personality Profile is?


Roger’s been learning that when he helps his clients know themselves better, they are better able to know what they want and need in their retirement. That mental picture is what Roger is calling their “Retirement Personality Profile,” and Roger’s created a tool to help people (even you) get a clearer idea of what they value in retirement, and what is just wishful or romantic thinking that has no basis in reality. Want to get your profile? You can. Go to to get your Retirement Personality Profile now.




  • [0:27] Welcome and introduction to the episode.

  • [1:37] Introducing the Retirement Personality Profile! Take yours today!

  • [8:33] A listener question: “I’m a smart guy. So why do I keep making stupid financial decisions?”

  • [17:30] The retirement journey of Darryl Lyons - Darryl’s story.

  • [19:20] What does retirement mean to you? The most important question.

  • [20:42] Darryl’s greatest area of excitement about his future retirement.

  • [23:03] What worries you most about retirement? Have you considered the question?

  • [24:23] Where is the line between supporting your kids and enabling your kids?

  • [26:28] Darryl’s thoughts about why his kids’ education is not the most important thing.

  • [27:11] Where Darryl is on the retirement road.

  • [28:13] How a business that is growing can be a form of retirement.

  • [29:16] Darryl is a financial planner… so does HE use a financial planner?

  • [30:14] The worst financial decision Darryl has ever made.

  • [31:52] The power of unwise counselors to ruin your life.

  • [33:05] The hardest things Darryl’s had to do to manage his money wisely.

  • [34:11] Darryl’s favorite resources and powerful inspira

  • [35:53] “Small Business, Big Pressure” - Darryl’s book.

  • [37:50] How you can have your question answered on the Retirement Answer Man.




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