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“What one can be, one must be.”--Abraham Maslow

Do you know who you want to be in retirement? Here at the Retirement Answer Man, we want to give you the confidence to not just survive retirement but to rock retirement. To truly rock retirement you need to have both a financial and non-financial plan. 

Over in the Rock Retirement Club, we have licensed Michael Balchan’s Heroic app and in these past few episodes, we have been discussing how to live a heroic retirement. Today we’ll discuss the 3 domains that are important to develop aspirational identities. You’ll learn why this is important and how to create your own aspirational identities in these 3 areas. 

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Break big things down into smaller chunks

How do you run a marathon? One step at a time. By breaking down big things into smaller chunks you can string them together and keep them in motion. 

It’s okay if you don’t know what you are going to do with your entire life. The goal isn’t to have one giant all-encompassing purpose that you strive towards forever. Instead, aim for Ikigai. Ikigai is the current goal, meaning, or purpose that you are working towards right now. 

Identity drives behavior

Most people think that sour feelings drive our behaviors but this isn’t true. Our identity drives our behaviors which then drive our feelings. Our identities are linked to what we do and who we are is what we repeatedly do. Every behavior we display and action we complete is casting a vote for the person that we want to be. 

Think about who you are when you are at your best. You can draw from previous experience or visualize the person that you want to be. That exemplar self is who you are striving to be. 

The 3 identity domains

Our identities are so often linked to what we do for a living so when we retire its like we lose a part of our identity. Now that you are no longer the VP of sales, the corporate attorney, or the head of HR, who are you? You have a blank slate to work from and the ability to reinvent yourself in retirement.

Breaking identity down into 3 domains helps you understand how the different parts of your life intertwine. 

  1. Energy is the foundation of everything. 
  2. Work doesn’t have to mean a traditional career. It can mean your avocation, activities, or hobbies.
  3. Love means how you show up relationally with your partner, family, friends, or even acquaintances. 

When choosing your new identity, it doesn’t have to be set in stone. Pick something that means something and is important to you. If it works well, then that’s great. If not, switch it up. Playing around with your new identity will help you consider how you want to live up to your best self.

Listen in to hear how I identify with each of these three identity domains.



  • [3:25] the 3 identity domains
  • [6:45] Ikigai - what is the current thing you are working towards?
  • [14:34] Be willing to break big things into smaller chunks
  • [18:56] Identities drive behaviors that drive feelings
  • [30:14] Your work identity


  • [41:00] Should Randy sell his home to enjoy the go-go years?
  • [49:09] Steve’s suggestions
  • [51:46] How to help Cheryl’s parents
  • [56:58] Santiago’s Social Security question


  • [1:00:32] What can you be at your very best in energy, work, and love?

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BOOK - Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

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