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Are you in a career that matches your God given talents? Most of us are in careers that we were trained to do. Not careers that centered on our talents.  After college, we start work and our careers generally progress on their own, without much intentional direction from us. If you're in your 50's and this fits you, it's not too late to begin to pivot you're career towards something you have natural talents for. In this episode, Career Pivot's Marc Miller, outlines how to start your pivot.

INVEST WISELY: Things to Consider Before You Buy Alibaba

Interesting. Over the last few days I've heard more people talking about the blockbuster Alibaba IPO than the new iPhone 6. As a result, I've gotten more than a few inquiries asking whether Alibaba is worth buying. Now, I would not dare to recommend the purchase of any investment on this blog. That would be silly. I know nothing about you or your situation. In fact, please RUN from any site that makes such recommendations.

  • If you are considering buying Alibaba stock, ask (and answer) yourself these questions:
  • Are you gambling or investings?
  • If you're gambling, treat it as such and make sure you are only using excess funds that you can afford and are willing to lose.
  • If you say you are investing, then do your homework and evaluate for yourself:
    • Is Alibaba a well run company?
    • Is it profitable?
    • What is the competitive environment?
    • What is the regulatory environment?
    • Does Alibaba have a solid balance sheet (that can survive growing pains)?
    • Are you paying a discount, premium or fair value for the projected growth?
    • What is your exit strategy?
    • How does this help you Retire Well?

 PLAN WELL:   Doing What You Love: A Conversation with Marc Miller from

Marc and I discuss:

  • The origins of the “retirement” concept and why it’s outdated
  • How Baby Boomer’s view of themselves is changing the concept of retirement
  • The importance of having a purpose during retirement
  • How the social contract has changed between employers and employees
  • How to pivot your career even in if you’re in your 50’s
  • The difference between skills and talents
  • How to make the transition from doing what you’re trained for to doing what you love
  • The importance of relationships in your career pivot
  • The value of simplifying your life as you pivot

You can connect with Marc at

Question: If you're in your 50's, do you plan to work during retirement? Let me know on Twitter

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