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You'd think that with all the great information and tools available today that making smart money choices would be easy. The fact is, it's harder than ever before. We live in a world designed to get us to "buy now" or "avoid that". These messages are designed by savvy marketers to get us to take action. Take action, when most of the time, doing nothing is the best course to take. 

Recently I fell pray to one of these "buy now" messages and made a really poor money choice. Two weeks ago, I was in Charlotte working on a project when a e-mail arrived announcing the closing of registration for a $2,000 training program. It was a program I really wanted to take (I'm a sucker for learning) but I'd already determined I didn't have the time or the budget this year. The e-mail offer included extra valuable resources if I registered before the deadline. I fell for it. In the middle of my meeting, while focused on the task at hand, I clicked on the link and bought it. What a sucker. 

Later that night, as I was driving home from the airport literally pulled over on the freeway and requested a refund. 

In this episode, I outline 3 habits that will help you (and me!!!) make smarter money choices. They are simple and organized around the acronym R.A.W. Think R.A.W.

Plan Well Segment

“We no longer live life. We consume it.” Vicki Robin

The next time you feel the pull of a marketing message remember R.A.W.

  • Remember to review your 1 year financial priorities every week. this will keep your "why" top of mind.
  • Avoid marketing messages. Don't browse in stores or online, unsubscribe from sales e-mails. 
  • Work your plan. Have a plan for how you make money decisions and stick to it. It can save you.

Invest Wisely Segment

Economist Paul Samuelson reminds us, “investing should be more like watching paint dry or grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas” or Wall Street."

The next time you feel the urge to react to market news remember, R.A.W.

  • Remember why you are investing. Your purpose for investing should drive your decisions.
  • Avoid market messages. Financial media does not help you invest wisely. Avoid it.
  • Work your investment plan.  Have an investment plan based on facts and stick to it. It can save you

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