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Has the retirement RV virus infected you? This virus is very dangerous; it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but it could be a lot of fun too. Are you a baby boomer contemplating retirement? Are you excited by the thought of freedom and travel? If so, then this series is important for you. Over the next 4 weeks, we will cover how to diagnose the virus, what to do if you succumb to the virus, and what are some alternative treatments other than buying an RV. You’ll also learn from the experience of others living with this virus. Are you ready to learn more about this potentially fun and exciting virus? Then listen now to this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

Why do so many baby boomers have the retirement RV virus?

The retirement RV virus is spreading like wildfire among baby boomers. 75 million households across the country are active campers. And the fastest growing group of RV owners are baby boomers. If you read any article on retirement, you’ll discover that freedom and travel are the top priorities among new retirees. This is what makes the retirement RV virus so contagious. Do you have the itch to set out on the open road? Find out all that you can about the RV life before jumping in with both feet by listening to the retirement RV series here on Retirement Answer Man.

How do you diagnose yourself with the retirement RV virus?

So how do you diagnose yourself with this potentially expensive virus? First, you need to understand what is driving you. Is it the lifestyle that you are looking for, or do you just want to travel more? It is easy to romanticize the RV lifestyle. If you go to any RV show you can start dreaming big. Next, you need to understand that there are different strains to this RV virus. People have different ideas when they think of RV life.

  • There are the weekend warriors, those looking for short weekend getaways
  • Others would like to travel a week or so a few times a year
  • There are the long-term travelers that would like to travel for an extended period, perhaps a few months at a time.
  • Then there are the full-timers. These are the ones that give up their home and hit the road permanently.

So which prognosis best describes you? Learn how you can live with this virus especially if you have the right treatment plan in place, by listening to this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

Michael and Mona explain firsthand what RV life is all about

Michael and Mona have always been the outdoorsy type, they even camped on their honeymoon. They loved taking their grandkids for weeklong trips in their pop-up trailer, but they soon discovered that 2 weeks a year wasn’t enough for them. They recently set out on a long-term trip to test the waters to see if the full-time life might be in store for them. He loves the idea of full-time living, but she prefers having a home base. Learn what Michael and Mona wish they had known before they bought their RV as well as what they love about the RV life on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

What is the true cost of RV living?

Costs between RV’s vary greatly. You can jump into a new RV for as little as $60,000 or you can go all out and spend upwards of $200k. Campground costs are another factor that can quickly add up. Some can cost $30-40 a night or more, but there are less expensive options if you stay in a place long-term or become a part of a membership program. Even with today’s low gas prices, at 6-8 MPG fuel costs can quickly add up. Other costs to consider are maintenance issues, they tend to pop up when you least expect them and they can be expensive.



  • [2:19] The RV virus is particularly acute among baby boomers
  • [6:03] There are different kinds of RVers
  • [7:05] How do you diagnose yourself with the RV virus?


  • [10:24] Learn from Michael and Mona firsthand what the RV life is all about
  • [18:39] What is the true cost of their RV?
  • [23:25] What have they enjoyed the most so far?
  • [28:00] What would they have done differently if they had known more?


  • [31:02] The RV virus is a vehicle for you to create happiness


  • [31:54] Take a self-exam. Do you have a bit of the RV virus?

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