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Each year I choose one word to be my guiding light throughout the year. On this episode of Retirement Answer Man, I will help you understand why choosing one word can help you rock your retirement plan in the upcoming year. Many people choose the New Year as a time to make resolutions for the year ahead. But narrowing your resolution to concentrate on one word can help you improve your focus so that you can stay on track to reach your goals. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear how choosing one word can help you narrow your focus and achieve your retirement goals. So what’s your word going to be?

Why choose one word?

Many people make resolutions at the start of each year. I have found that the problem with New Year's resolutions is that no one seems to keep them. We often set the bar so high or focus on goals that are too far ahead that the resolutions become impossible to keep. They seem to always result in failure. Instead of making a resolution this year try shifting your focus to choosing one word to serve as your guide over the next year. This word can really help better yourself or help you plan to rock your retirement. What’s your word for the new year?

How do I choose my word for the year?

I say I choose a word each year, but really it chooses me. A few years ago I quit the practice of making a New Year’s resolution each year. My whole life was really changing. I wanted to become more intentional and focus my skills in a new way. I began to focus on agile retirement management and I started this podcast. I realized that God was never going to come down and hold my hand through my life changes. I knew that I had to simply trust that I was doing the right thing. That is how trust became the word of the year that first year. Are you shifting your focus toward retirement? How will you choose your word? How will it impact your retirement plans?

What’s your word?

Think about your own life. Has your focus begun to shift? What do you want to work on over the next year? If you think about these things your word will naturally find you. Use your word as your guiding light throughout the year. I try to ensure that it naturally comes into my consciousness each day. One year I had my word stitched into my sports coats. Another year I used it in the signature line of my emails. Think about what your word will be and how you will remind yourself of your focus. Let your word become a filter for all the opportunities and situations that come up throughout the year.

What’s my word for the upcoming year?

Last year, Nichole’s word was simplify. She wanted to simplify her life a bit more and not get bogged down with so many commitments. She didn’t feel that she did the best job with her word this year. Maybe next year she will do better, she chose flow as her focus for next year. Hopefully, she can learn how to go with the flow. This past year my word was celebrate. I often don’t pause to celebrate my accomplishments, especially when it comes to working. I am always driven to focus on the next thing. I did celebrate my life more by taking some big trips and doing more things with my wife. Listen to this episode to hear the word I chose for the upcoming year.



  • [2:11] The importance of one word to narrow your focus
  • [4:09] How I began my one-word focus
  • [9:37] Tips for keeping your word relevant in your life


  • [11:50] How did I do this year with my word?
  • [14:15] How did Nichole do this year?
  • [18:06] What are their words for 2019?


  • [21:32] Reflect on what made you happy in 2018


  • [23:10] What will your word be in 2019?

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