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On Episode 235 of Retirement Answer Man, I share helpful tips on adulting. Some of us in our 50s and 60s may not have everything in life figured out quite as much as we thought we would by now. I discuss an article that I read recently that has adulting tips that actually include great advice and I add in some (expert) advice of my own. This episode is the third episode in the You Asked series and our listeners continue to ask fantastic, intelligent questions. To hear the answers to these interesting listener questions as well as hearing some great life tips, listen to this episode now.

Adulting tips

You would think that by the time we are in our 50s and 60s we would have this life thing all figured out. Well, sometimes I do feel that way and sometimes I don’t. It’s great to be reminded of what we can do to make the most out of the one life we have. Number one on the list is: what you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while. What are you doing every day to improve your life? Listen to this episode to hear more tips like how every medicine can become poison, why you should play your own game, and how you will find what you seek.

What questions do I wish a prospective client would ask?

We have a list of questions on our resources page that you can use to ask potential advisors in your interviews with them. But one listener asks what I would like a prospective client to ask me in our initial interview. Truthfully, I would like potential clients to listen more than ask. Listen to your advisor's worldview. Do their views line up with your own? Are they talking gloom and doom or rainbows and butterflies? You also need to find out how they view retirement. Are they speaking purely in numbers, or do they take a holistic view in retirement planning? Listen to this episode to hear how to listen to your potential financial advisor.

What steps should someone put in place for late retirement years?

One listener asks an important question in regards to late retirement years especially as cognitive control may diminish. They ask how one can plan for decreased cognitive function in later years. What can we do to prepare our finances and our well being? This is a great question that I would like to explore deeper in a separate series. There are some things that you can do in advance to prepare for this eventuality. You can start by researching your healthcare network, touring care facilities before you need them, and finding a trusted third party to become involved in financial decisions. Listen to this episode to hear the full answer to this important question.

Where should you invest when stocks and bonds are questionable?

Nothing is certain about investing. This is why it is so important to diversify. One listener is worried about investing in stocks and bonds and would like to know where else they can invest. It is important to remember to always think about your balance sheet and not simply about asset allocation. First ask these questions, how much cash reserves do you need? How much money do you need to pay yourself? How much extra do you need? What are your long-term assets and how do you allocate them? Then you can look at how well you are diversified. There are different classes of stocks and bonds that can give you a large variety. If stocks and bonds still worry you then you can look into real estate. Listen to this episode to hear the answer to all the different layers that there really are to diversification.




  • [2:42] Tips for being a better adult


  • [11:55] What questions does Roger wish a prospective client would ask?
  • [15:03] What steps should someone put in place for late retirement years?
  • [20:17] Where to invest when stocks and bonds are questionable?
  • [25:33] Some social security calculators you can use


  • [27:22] Get outside and socialize and get dirty


  • [28:33] Get the social security calculator from 6 Shot Saturday to help you calculate your Social Security benefit

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