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August is listener question month on Retirement Answer Man. The You Asked series devotes the entire 5 weeks to answering listener questions. During the hot topic segment, I discuss an interesting article that I read recently about the stats of alcohol abuse in retirement. You may be surprised to find out that over 3 million older adults abuse alcohol. You may even know someone that abuses alcohol yourself. Alcohol abuse is a concern for many retirees, listen now to hear many fantastic listener questions and to hear the main reasons that older adults abuse alcohol.

The main reasons for alcohol abuse among retirees

3 million Americans over age 65 abuse alcohol. There are many different reasons that may contribute to alcohol abuse among retirees. Studies have found that involuntary retirement leads to excess drinking. If you weren’t ready to retire or forced out of your job, you may be apt to drink too much. Another reason for alcohol abuse is your social network. If you live a party lifestyle then your friends may drink more and lead you to drink more. There are many retirement communities that enjoy that party atmosphere. Listen to this episode to hear the other reasons that may contribute to the high stats of alcohol abuse among retirees.

What is the best way to buy a home in cash?

One listener asks how to buy a home in cash when using the assets of the house he is in. He is trying to not be limited by the time frame from the sale of his house. There are a few ways around this. One way is to sell your home first and then live with relatives or find a rental. Another way is to take out a bridge loan. If you have a relationship with your bank or credit union this may be a good choice. Another way is to obtain a line of credit on your current home. Listen to this episode to hear if the last way is the right way for you.

How do you make your 401k and IRA into an income stream?

Be careful when thinking of creating an income stream from your 401k or IRA. Creating an income stream is traditionally how we think about getting income from a portfolio. But that is a dangerous way for baby boomers to think about retirement income because it can lead to investments that may have a lot of yields but have their own risks associated with them But on the other hand, if you just start taking funds out of the IRA or 401k the money could eventually run out. The core investments in your portfolio need to be about total return rather than income investments. This will help you grow your assets. Listen to this episode to hear how to take a more holistic approach to your retirement spending.

What are the pros and/or cons of setting up a gift annuity for charitable giving?

Just what is a charitable annuity? A charitable annuity is usually created after someone receives a large, highly-appreciated, taxable asset. One way to give to a favorite charity and get more from a tax perspective is to gift the asset to a charity and in turn, receive an annuity for the expected duration of your life. This is really a legacy issue and could be considered if you have the desire and wherewithal to do it. The annuity is taxed in different ways, but you would get a sizeable deduction for a portion of the gift. Listen to this episode to hear more about annuities and a lengthy answer to a tricky bond question.



  • [2:17] What are the main reasons for alcohol abuse in retirement?
  • [7:55] Almost half of Americans shop online while drunk


  • [10:24] What is the best way to buy a home in cash without having to wait for the sale of the other home?
  • [13:34] A social security clarification
  • [14:49] How do you make your 401k and IRA into an income stream?
  • [18:18] What are the pros and/or cons of setting up a gift annuity for charitable giving?
  • [22:02] A bond question


  • [29:54] Treat people the way you want to be treated


  • [31:20] How can you practice self-control?

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