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Welcome to the final episode of the Maximizing Social Security series. In this episode, we get down to business. When do you file? How do you make this decision? If you are wondering these things then you need to listen to this episode. During the Practical Planning segment, I welcome social security guru, Devin Carroll. He has been studying social security for years and even has a book dedicated to learning the basics of social security. You won’t want to miss this final episode which answers your big questions about social security: when to file, when to relax, and when to panic. Listen now help you discover your best social security strategy.

How do you make the decision of when to file for social security?

The big question is when do you file for social security. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. There are many things to consider, but ultimately you need to think about what your ultimate goal is. It’s not just math. What is your confidence level in your retirement? Taking full retirement social security benefits can give you more confidence in retirement. Understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish when considering whether to file early or wait until full retirement age. When you factor in your big picture then when to file could be a game changer. Listen to this episode to help you understand this multidimensional issue and help you rock your retirement.

What are some things to consider when trying to decide the best time to file for social security?

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide the best age to file for social security benefits. Some considerations are: will you have additional income? How is your health? How is your spouse’s health? What is the age difference between spouses? Do you really need the money? There are also tax implications to consider. If you fall into a certain income class then you could be taxed on 85% of your social security benefits. This could really affect your taxes and your IRAs. Before you decide when to file for your social security benefits, be sure to consider all of these questions. Listen to this episode to get a boost in your social security education.

In what situation would it be smart to file for social security benefits as early as possible?

You can file for social security benefits as early as age 62. You will not receive your full retirement benefits at this age, but there are some situations where this may still be a good choice. One mistake some people make is that they file for their social security benefits rather than disability if they can’t keep working due to a disability. If a disability is keeping you from working, be sure to file for disability benefits instead. If you really need an income, then filing at age 62 is a smart choice. Listen to this episode to hear all the reasons that you may consider filing for social security as early as possible.

How does retiring while in your peak earnings years impact your social security benefit?

Many people want to retire early. But does retiring while you are in your peak earning years impact how much you will receive for your social security benefit? Most of us still have 35 years of work history behind us by the time we are considering taking an early retirement, but these years often include low wage jobs. Retiring early can impact your social security benefit. But unfortunately, there is not a good way to estimate how it would affect your benefits. Devin would love to create a calculator to help others estimate the difference in benefits to help others. Listen to this episode to hear how your benefits could be affected by retiring early.



  • [2:32] How to make this decision for you?
  • [7:18] What are some things to consider?


  • [8:28] How does Devin Carroll help people choose social security strategies?
  • [11:00] What situation would it be smart to file as early as possible?
  • [15:39] How do you navigate who takes what benefit when in a spousal situation?
  • [17:34] There are some uninformed reasons to file early
  • [19:08] Survivor benefits
  • [27:04] How does retiring while in your peak earnings years impact your social security benefit?


  • [31:22] Nichole is reading Oola For Women


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