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Sometimes people use retirement as a reason to stop planning. This is a bad idea. The purpose of my retirement planning services is not simply to manage your money. My goal is to give my clients the best retirement that they can have. But without planning this can’t be done. Planning helps people make great things happen. Without a plan people often find themselves drifting through life without anything meaningful to work towards. This episode of Retirement Answer Man is your gentle reminder that you need a plan. Listen to this episode to hear why you don’t ever want to stop planning and making goals.

Don’t just wait for your retirement to happen

Hopefully, this podcast has helped you understand that you can’t just sit back and expect to live a perfect retirement without proper planning. You should have a good vision of the meaningful life that you want to work towards.  If you don’t start planning for your retirement and stay on top of your financial goals there’s no way you will be able to make your retirement the best that you can. When you plan on the best you can achieve the best. Listen to this episode to hear how proper planning can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Make this year your best year ever

Have you ever found that if you sit back on your heels and just let life happen then you are not at your best? Being intentional and setting an action plan helps you move forward and keeps you happy and connected. I’m reading a great book that has helped me reconnect and reassess my life. This is a great time to think about how you can continue to move forward in your life by reassessing your goals and finding something meaningful to work towards.

Listen to this episode to hear some great tips on how to set goals and to plan for the best year ever. If you sign up for 6 Shot Saturday you will even get a worksheet to help you assess your life and see where you can make some improvements.

How to upgrade your belief system

Part of reassessing life and making future plans can include reassessing your old belief systems. I went through a process of upgrading my beliefs and making myself a better man a few years ago. This completely changed my life and made me the man that I am today. I had to shed my limiting beliefs about the world, other people and about myself. I have since surrounded myself with people that help support a growth mindset and because I did all this I am more connected, happy, and my life has a purpose. How are your current beliefs limiting the way you think? Listen to this episode and sign up for 6 Shot Saturday to hear how upgrading your belief system can help you change your mindset.

Some fantastic listener questions

My listeners have some great questions, and unfortunately, those questions have backed up over the past months. I examine a few listener questions on this episode of Retirement Answer Man. One question covers how much you can put into a Roth IRA without penalties. Another listener is curious to find out if his cash reserves could be put into short-term bond funds. Another asks about passive investments. Listen to the practical planning segment to hear the answers to questions about Roth IRAs, cash reserves, and passive investments.


  • [1:18] To have the best retirement you have to be intentional


  • [3:13] Make this your best year ever
  • [6:33] A quick book recommendation
  • [9:13] Upgrade your belief system


  • [14:55] Backdoor Roth IRA
  • [16:52] Cash reserves vs. short-term bond funds
  • [22:55] What do I mean by passive or side investments


  • [26:35] Find something meaningful to look forward to


  • [28:53] Sign up for 6 Shot Saturday to get the wheel of life worksheet

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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BOOK - Rock Retirement by Roger Whitney

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