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There are many big questions that don’t get touched on in portfolio management sessions. Instead of asking the important questions, you and your advisor may be solely focused on market performance or market projections during these annual meetings. But what do these things actually have to do with your life and your retirement? On this episode of Retirement Answer Man, we discuss the important questions. We will find out what you should really be asking yourself, your advisor, and your money! Grab a pencil and listen to this episode to get the answers to the questions that you really should be asking.

Don’t become distracted by the details

When dealing with investments and money managers it is easy to get distracted by the details. Investment managers tend to overcomplicate money matters and rather than advising you on the things that really make sense, they focus on the small details of the markets, market performance, and market projections. Their talk can be a distraction from what you should be thinking about. This can be overly complicated and without the answers you are actually looking for. This doesn’t add any value to your situation and the conversations become too technical. Keep the main thing the main thing. The main thing is how can you live your best life now and in retirement. Listen to this episode to hear what you should be talking about with your investment manager, or the questions you should be asking yourself if you manage your own investments.

What is the purpose of your investments?

Often advisors want to become portfolio managers. While attempting to do so they often begin diversifying assets. But over-diversification can be a distraction. This adds no value to the situation and can be intimidating. And you should never feel intimidated when discussing your money. Investment managers often get focused on pulling all the strings, being the manager, instead of the purpose of your investments. Portfolio management will not save you and advisors can’t portfolio manage your life. Think about what the purpose of your retirement investment is. On this episode of Retirement Answer Man, we discuss the questions that you should be asking, like when can I retire? If you’d like to hear all the questions you should be focusing on with your retirement investments, listen in to hear.

What kind of investment questions should you be focused on? 

On the practical planning segment of this show, I answer some listener questions. One listener asks about using the Sortino ratio vs. using the Sharp ratio to measure returns. He asks what these are and which he should use to measure his returns. While this is a great question which I answer fully, my real advice is to focus on the questions that really matter to your retirement. Try not to get bogged down with overly complicated measures and investment strategies. It is easy to get distracted from the business of living your fullest life now and in retirement when you get overloaded with the heavy questions of the investment industry. Listen to the full episode to hear all the listener questions that I answer.

Focus on living your best life 

The purpose of your retirement investments is to create a process for having a great life now and a great life later. Don’t lose focus on the real questions which are: when can I retire, how can I live now and how can I live better in retirement? By focusing on these questions during every strategy session you can stick to what really matters rather than the minutiae of typical strategy sessions with financial advisors. This keeps both you and your advisor focused on the real goal, which is living your best life. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to find out more questions that you should be asking yourself and your financial advisor to keep you and your money both focused on living your best life.


  • [1:22] Time for an annual review - what are the questions you should be asking in your review


  • [7:49] Don’t become distracted by the details
  • [10:05] When your investment advisor tries to become a portfolio manager


  • [15:55] Geeky question time
  • [16:32] What do Sortino ratio and Shark ratio mean, and which should you use?
  • [21:10] What are the pros and cons of QLAC
  • [25:53] Is eating healthy really more expensive?


  • [26:35] Celebrate, my word for 2018 - what is your word that guides you this year?


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