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Many people love to travel, as a matter of fact, it is at the top of just about everyone’s list of things to do when they retire. Usually, when we think of travel we think of stays in 4 or 5-star resorts and all-inclusive hotels. But what if you could find a deeper meaning to travel? Chris Niemeyer joins me today as we discuss meaningful travel. On this show, Chris and I discuss how you can create more meaningful experiences through travel. When you travel with focus and meaning you can incorporate my favorite acronym -- FOR, family, occupation, and recreation all in one fantastic experience. If you are looking for some insider secrets on how to incorporate meaningful travel into your retirement then listen in to this show to get the scoop.

What is voluntourism?

Is it possible to have a mission trip and a vacation all in one? Is voluntourism only for Christian missionaries? The answers to these questions and more are on this show! My guest, Chris Niemeyer, specializes in voluntourism. Chris is the founder of Mission Travel, a website that helps people find real travel volunteer opportunities all over the world. Would you like to find out how to incorporate helping others into your next trip? Listen to this conversation to find out some excellent insider tricks to plan how to volunteer to help others on your next vacation.

How to plan a multigenerational trip

Have you ever thought about traveling with your family? Enjoying travel with grandkids creates an incredible common bond with them that no Christmas toy ever will. Would you like your family to discover and learn about different cultures all while helping others? My guest, Chris Niemeyer, founder of Mission Travel, helps people do just that. As a matter of fact, he has taken his four young children all over the world to learn about and experience different cultures all while assisting those in need. Find out some fantastic ways to plan your next multigenerational travel experience by listening to my interview with Chris.

Live like the locals

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like the locals whenever you travel abroad? Travel expert, Chris Niemeyer, gives me some excellent ideas on how to travel and learn more about local cultures by actually living like them. Chris teaches us how we can expand our comfort zones to go deeper and have a richer travel experience. Chris describes how connections with locals have been the best part of his travels. Listen in to our conversation to understand how traveling like a local can provide you a more authentic experience

How can you save money when you travel

Are you looking for some money saving ideas for your next vacation? Travel expert, Chris Niemeyer, gives me some insider tips on how to do just that! Listen to the show to find out how traveling during ‘shoulder’ seasons can save you money and give you a richer experience on your next vacation. Find out which websites and apps are helpful to saving money by listening to my chat with Chris.


  • [0:58] Register for the free webinar on Monday to hear how I walk through Lori and Bruce’s retirement plan


  • [4:08] What do you want in your pretirement and retirement years
  • [5:02] FOR - what does this stand for


  • [7:12] How can we combine family occupation and recreation through travel to create meaningful experience
  • [13:48] How can you travel more like a local
  • [17:58] Experience of missions
  • [20:52] How can you find purposeful travel
  • [22:53] Multigenerational travel
  • [26:02] Chris’s mission podcast


  • [27:03] Living up to our values


  • [28:54] Play a game with someone

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