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My grandmother lived through the great depression. She was 10 years old when it started and remembers the struggle. What she went through during those years has shaped her decision-making process. She is very frugal. I can remember her saving small bits of wrapping paper when I would have thrown them out. For many of us, we have been affected similarly by the Great Recession and make decisions based on that experience. Many of you might be asking the question, “Is another crash just around the corner?” Tune in to this episode of the Retirement Answer Man to find out.


Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t.


The ever-present question looms in the back of our minds, “Will the markets crash again?” No one knows the answer to this question. Many financial forecasters are very vocal about their opinions warning about the impending crash. Some people are making extreme future decisions based on those forecasts. How smart is that? Should we rest our future on such forecasts? Maybe the best plan is to worry about what we can control, not stress about the things we can’t.


Insurance premiums are rising, what should I do?


As the market changes many people are falling victim to the ever-rising premiums of Long Term Care policies. On this weeks show a listener writes in with this very concern and wants to know what options they have. They could always drop the plan. But then they would have to self-insure. They could lower their coverage to keep their lower premium which might leave them without needed coverage. Or they could suck it up and pay the higher premiums. It’s a tough decision. Listen in to this episode to hear my thoughts.


My House is Leaking!


Nichole walked into her home the other day to find water soaking her closet. Her AC system had sprung a leak and soaked a hole through her ceiling. Her in-laws came to visit and help fix the damage. Family in the house can be uncomfortable at times but they can often line a huge helping hand. It’s often good to live near family to have a support network. If you live with or near family and often find it challenging, take time this week to look for the good in the situation.


Could the data breach cost me my house?


With this Equifax data breach, our imaginations can run wild with possibilities our information could be used maliciously. It’s possible someone could steal your identity and take out a loan on your home causing you to possible lose it. There is a service being advertised that monitors the title of your house for any fraudulent filings and notifies you. While this might seem like an easy hands-off way of staying proactive, it could be just as easy to check on your title yourself. Make sure to catch this episode to hear more.



[0:29] My grandmother lived through the Great Depression

[1:37] Nowadays many of us have lived through the Great Recession and it has laid the foundation for our decision making.

[2:00] Is another recession just around the corner?



[4:17] We are in the 2nd longest Bull market in S&P 500 history.

[6:30] Are you asking the question, “Is another crash on the horizon?”

[8:54] Making extreme decisions on forecasts is not the wisest move.

[10:38] What do we do?

[10:50] Focus on what you can control not on what you can’t.

[14:00} What investment actions can we take?



[17:11] Listener questions with Nichole.

[17:15] Our new voice coach.

[20:11] I am self-employed. Should I set up a company 401k plan?

[27:20] The premiums on my long-term care plan are going up. Should I continue to pay the premiums or should I lower my coverage?

[33:18] Is Title Lock Insurance worth the investment?



[37:22] Nichole’s house is leaking!

[37:30] It’s great to live around family and have them as a support network.



[39:16] Take the time this week to check your title and see in anything has been filed against it.

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