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Have you ever had your identity stolen? I have. It’s not fun. It can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated as you try to prove who you are and undo the false financial claims against you. In this modern era data is everything. Your life is wrapped up in one 9 digit code, your Social Security Number. If someone were to get that number they could open credit cards in your name, access your life savings, and even take out a mortgage. While the dangers are high, there are effective ways to protect yourself and your assets. I will outline some of the most effective ones in this episode of the Retirement Answer Man.

Equifax has been breached by hackers

Equifax has been breached by hackers. Almost 60% of the American population’s cyber data is in the wind. For many of us, this is a fearful thing. We have spent our whole lives planning for our future. As we draw near to retirement we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as all our hard work starts to pay off. Identity theft could put a serious damper on those retirement plans and could take years to recover from. Luckily, you are not at the mercy of these hackers. There are steps you can take to ensure that your data stays safe. Listen to this episode of Retirement Answer Man to hear my simple steps to guard your identity.

5 simple steps to guard your identity

With the daily increase of cyber threats facing our modern world, it is essential that you know what to do if your information is compromised. Over 100 Million Americans were affected by the Equifax breach. Odds are you are probably one of them. It’s never too early to take offensive steps to make sure your credit is monitored and you will be alerted to any suspicious activity.

Is new technology all it’s cracked up to be?

Apple has just announced the release of a few new devices, an Apple watch that can be used as a cell phone and the new I Phone X. The ads for these devices portray them as just what you need to fill the technology gap in your life. Having the new I Phone will make your life easier, safer, and on the cutting edge. Are these claims true? Think back to the last time you got a new device. It feels great and it’s exciting, but after a few days or a week, the excitement fades away. It becomes normal. Did it really bring you joy? We might be better off searching for joy in an area that doesn’t put a dent in our bank account.

Don’t let your identity fend for itself.

I’ve created a Free Credit Breach Protection Plan that you can find on my website. It gives simple instructions to help you take steps to protect yourself, your assets and your loved ones. Don’t wait until it’s too late, be proactive and protect what you have worked so hard for. Don’t miss this episode of the Retirement Answer Man.


  • [0:25] Have you ever had your identity stolen?
  • [1:50] It can be difficult to regain your footing after an id breach.


  • [3:47] Hackers infiltrated the Equifax database.
  • [4:20] The information of 60% of the American population has been compromised
  • [5:49] There's a way you can know if you have been affected by this breach.
  • [6:00] What does this mean for me?


  • [8:24] Protecting yourself without becoming a cybersecurity expert.
  • [9:18] Credit Protection Action Plan
  • [9:50] 5 Basic ways to protect your cyber data.
  • [14:24] The best ways to respond to this data threat.


  • [21:39] The new Iphone X
  • [22:08] The “new” is overrated


  • [23:45] Download the Free Credit Breach Action Plan
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