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The top financial stress in America, according to a Gallup poll, is not having enough money for retirement. Some people choose to ignore it to avoid the stress, but for others, the worry is a motivator to be proactive and get moving in the right direction. In this podcast interview with Emily Guy Berkin, we will discuss why there is so much financial stress, how to get a better understanding of your relationship with money, and specific steps you can take to decrease your stress about money. Listen in and stop financial stress now!

What does money mean to you?

Money is just little green pieces of paper. It doesn’t have any meaning except for the meaning that we humans assign to it. In today’s podcast interview, Emily Guy Berkin gives us tools to help us start thinking about what money means to us, how our relationship with money changes over time, and the influence of our culture on how we think about money. Listen in and begin to identify the meaning of those little green pieces of paper in your life.

How has your relationship with money changed over time?

Your relationship with money changes throughout your life. One really big change in your relationship with money is when you retire and no longer have a job. We often don’t prepare for the emotional stress that comes with this change in relationship. Listen to this episode of The Retirement Answer Man podcast to learn to identify your relationship with money, manage the change in your relationship with money, and decrease the financial stress that often comes with retirement.

Financial security is a myth

Financial security is a myth, and pursuing it can be destructive. Find out why on this episode of the Retirement Answer Man podcast, where I talk with Emily Guy Berkin about how the idea of financial security can actually contribute to our financial stress and be counterproductive. Listen in to learn about what matters more than building a big nest egg and how you can take steps to reduce your financial stress regardless of how much money you have saved up.

How to decrease your financial stress

What would it mean to you and to your family if you could stop the financial stress that you are facing as you head into retirement? In today’s interview with Emily Guy Berkin, we will discuss how to identify what money means to you and to recognize when you are doing things that are counterproductive. Listen in to learn how to bring your mind back into the way you use money and to recognize when your emotions about money may be leading you down the wrong path. If you want to stop financial stress, then this episode is for you!


  • [0:24] Financial stress comes when life seasons change.
  • [2:37] Disclaimer - Don’t take advice from Roger Whitney on this show.
  • [3:12] Getting confidence and clarity about managing your financial life in retirement.


  • [4:05] The top financial worry in America is not having enough money for retirement.


  • [6:54] Introducing Emily Guy Berkin.
  • [7:26] Emily’s experience with financial stress.
  • [10:00] The meanings we put on money cause our financial stress.
  • [11:49] How has your relationship with money changed over time?
  • [13:59] The messages of our culture influence the way we use money.
  • [16:56] How to decrease financial stress.
  • [19:32] Financial security is a myth.
  • [22:33] How to manage the day-to-day spending.
  • [24:43] Helpful tools can be found in Emily Guy Berkin’s book, End Financial Stress Now.


  • [25:21] Identify one area of your life where you have financial stress, and take one proactive action to deal with it.


  • [26:12] It’s a great feeling when you can help direct a young life.


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