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Have you ever considered that it might be advantageous to retire overseas? Where your home will be when you retire can dramatically change what the landscape might look like financially. There is a growing trend of Americans retiring outside of the country. Should you be one of them? That’s the topic of today’s episode and interview with Keith & Tina Paul, who are retired and living in Cuenca, Ecuador. Listen in to get a glimpse of what it is like to retire overseas and find out how you can begin exploring the idea.

The top ten countries for retirement living

There can be some huge advantages from a financial perspective if you have the spirit to do something like retiring in another country. On this episode, we’ll talk about those advantages and I’ll tell you the current top ten countries for retirement and give examples of how much it costs per month to live there. If you think, even for a moment, that you might like to retire overseas, then this episode of the Retirement Answer Man podcast is for you!

A window into overseas retirement living

What would it be like to retire in another country? How would you go about finding a place? Keith and Tina Paul, of, are retired and enjoying life in Cuenca, Ecuador. On today’s episode, they share their story of how they planned, researched, and found their new home and what it is like for them to live there. Listen in and enjoy this glimpse into what it is like to retire overseas, and then take my Smart Sprint challenge to dream a little!

I’d like to retire overseas, but what about . . . ?

If you are thinking about retiring outside of the US, you likely have a number of questions and concerns. What about health care? Would I feel isolated? Is it safe? These questions and more are addressed in today’s podcast interview with Keith and Tina Paul. Listen in to find out why they think the health care is even better, their experiences in connecting with people, and what the crime rate is like where they live. If you have questions about the wisdom of a decision to retire overseas, you will love this episode of the Retirement Answer Man!

Home is where the heart is

Do you feel that a different house in a different location will never feel like home? I know exactly what that is like. On today’s Happy Lab segment of The Retirement Answer Man podcast, I’ll tell you my story and how I found out that home really isn’t a house. It’s where your heart is. And your heart can change locations. If you’re feeling concern about moving to a different home or a different country, today’s episode just may give you the encouragement that you need.


  • [0:24] Choosing to live somewhere less expensive can buy you retiring 3-4 years earlier.
  • [3:25] Have you watched the 5-minute makeover videos yet?


  • [4:16] There is a growing trend of Americans retiring outside of the country.
  • [5:08] The top ten places to retire overseas.
  • [06:30] Use your vacation to explore places you might like to live.


  • [08:15] Introduction to Keith and Tina, bloggers of
  • [9:14] How did two American professionals end up moving internationally?
  • [11:01] Keith and Tina’s criteria, research, and visit to find a place to retire overseas. [15:27] If you retire overseas, what about health care?
  • [17:04] Does retiring in another country make you feel isolated?
  • [20:27] Do you feel a lack of purpose because of the overseas retirement lifestyle?
  • [22:23] The financial aspects of overseas retirement.
  • [23:34] What to look for when considering retirement outside of the US.
  • [25:11] Is it safe to retire overseas?
  • [26:30] You need a bit of a sense of adventure.
  • [27:45] Do I need to know the language?
  • [29:29] What about 15-20 years later, when you are starting to slow down?
  • [30:58] To do this, you don’t actually have to retire.


  • [32:03] Home is where the heart is.


  • [34:22] 7-Day Challenge: “What if?” questions to get you started talking.


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