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Welcome to another episode of the Retirement Answer Man podcast. I am Roger Whitney the Retirement Answer Man and this weeks' topic is all about working during retirement. We all can agree that saving and investing are important but they often prove to be challenging. I believe there is another option a more fulfilling one. Work. On this episode, we will talk with Marc Miller, an author, and coach, about how we can structure our retirement to be both fulfilling and productive - and avoid the so-called retirement crisis altogether. Listen to this episode to hear Marc’s tips on working during retirement.

You can’t save your way into a good retirement.

It’s becoming clear that many Americans will not be able to save enough for retirement. The average American makes $50,000 per year, and with the cost of living in our economy, there is little to no room for retirement savings. This is what many are referring to as the “retirement crisis.” Is there another way or are we destined to live on the street? Marc Miller gives us hope in this episode of the Retirement Answer Man that there indeed is a way to have a great retirement by finding a way to work on your own terms at a job that you love. Stay tuned to hear how you can make the transition from your current career into your dream job.

My goal is to never retire.

Marc Miller doesn’t want to retire. He wants to live to the end of his life pursuing the things that make him happy and helping others do the same. He plans on doing this by pursuing a job that he can work on his own schedule. This will give him income late into his life as well as purpose and fulfillment. He figured out how to be his own boss and you can too. Listen to this episode to find out how you can avoid what many are calling the “retirement crisis.”

The thing that fulfills you might be the answer to your retirement questions.

If you are in the same boat that many Americans are and won’t be able to save enough for retirement, you’ll most likely need to have a job in retirement. The conventional full-time or part-time job can be taxing and deplete you emotionally and physically. A better option is to work for yourself doing what you love or find your dream job. But how can you find that thing you love? In this episode, I issue a challenge for the week that can help you identify what it is that you might pursue as an income generating activity in retirement. Listen to this episode to hear how.

Are you your biggest cheerleader?

I realized this last week that I tend to put myself down. I don’t give myself credit where I should and I belittle my abilities. Even though I have been doing this subconsciously, it still takes a toll on my motivation and how qualified I feel to accomplish my goals. I realized that I need to be my biggest cheerleader to encourage myself into greater opportunities and accomplishments. Are you your biggest cheerleader? Listen to this episode to hear more.


  • [0.27] About 40% of the US workforce has no retirement savings.
  • [1.06] Is saving the only way to avoid this retirement crisis?


  • [2.47] Saving and investing is not the only answer to the retirement planning question.
  • [5.05] For many people, working during retirement will be a requirement.


  • [9.10] Conversation with Marc Miller.
  • [9.36] Marc’s goal is to NEVER retire.
  • [13.28] How do I change things so that I can work on my own terms and generate more time freedom.
  • [17.26] What skills do you want to continue to use and what skills do you want to leave behind?
  • [18.13] The first step is self-awareness where you see whether or not your current lifestyle is meeting your needs and goals.
  • [27.19] Marc’s book creates a framework to guide you through making a pivot towards working on your own terms.


  • [32.48] What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing most? What gives you fulfillment? This week I want you to start thinking about these questions and come up with answers for them.


  • [33.47] I tend to put myself down and I realized this week that I need to be my biggest cheerleader.


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You can’t save your way into a good #retirement. @retirementanswerman @CareerPivot

My #goal is to never #retire. #retirementanswerman @CareerPivot

The thing that #fulfills you might be the answer to your #retirement questions. #retirementanswerman @CareerPivot

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