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Every year I conduct a grand experiment in internet broadcasting that features everyday people like you. It’s called Retirement Plan LIVE and it’s my attempt at helping you know the ins and outs of effective retirement planning - and I do it by inviting listeners to take part in a to-be-aired set of conversations that walk through their actual financial situation. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is listen to this episode. It’s going to be a fun ride!

Fast moves by our new President. What does it mean for you as you plan for retirement?

Donald Trump is now President of the United States and his first weeks in office have brought a flurry of activity that directly impacts the financial markets. If you are looking toward or planning your retirement in such tenuous times, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what you should do. So what SHOULD you do? On this episode’s “Hot Topic” segment I’m addressing my view on such things and I hope you’ll see that you don’t need to worry or fret if you adhere to some simple principles.

Meet Kim and Joe: this year’s Retirement Plan LIVE participants.

Today we get to meet Kim and Joe, the kind and generous souls who have agreed to come on the show and bare all (except their identities) to help you see how I go about walking a family or individual through the monumental task of wisely planning for their retirement. These two are a great example of everyday folks who are beginning to consider the important things that need to go into making their retirement the best it can be. You’ll enjoy getting to know them, hearing about their hopes and dreams for retirement, and learning how you can take the first steps toward planning for YOUR retirement just like them.

Do you have an I.C.E. plan for your personal finances? Why not?

Do you know what a financial I.C.E. plan is? It’s the way I refer to an “In Case of Emergency” plan - something that your loved ones need to have in the unfortunate case of you being seriously injured or killed. Creating an I.C.E. plan is one of the most compassionate, caring things you can do for your loved ones and sadly, most people wait until it’s too late and never create it. On this episode, I’m going to give you a homework assignment: your first step in creating your own personal I.C.E. plan. If you are serious about caring for your loved ones even after you may be done, this plan is for you!

Are you signed up for “Six Shot Saturday?” Join the few, the proud, the financially astute!

Every week I send out an email to those brave and daring souls who are eager to receive that little bit extra in terms of financial information, tips, and strategies to help them maximize their efforts at planning for retirement. I only send it out to people who really want it - those action-takers who are willing to go the extra mile. Is that you? I’d love to send it to you so be sure you listen to this episode to find out how you can get on the list!


  • [0:30] Meet Kim and Joe - this year’s participants in Retirement Plan LIVE!


  • [2:22] Fast moves by our new Commander in Chief. Wow!
  • [4:29] What do you if you are planning for retirement in such an uncertain time?


  • [8:25] Meet Kim and Joe - this year’s RPL participants.
  • [9:52] Why Kim wanted to do RPL with me this year.
  • [12:46] General ideas that Kim has of what she’d like to see her retirement look like.
  • [15:00] Meet Joe: his perspective on their financial situation.
  • [17:24] Joe’s reaction to being on the podcast in such an open way.
  • [19:03] Joe’s conception of retirement - and planning toward it.
  • [24:00] What Joe wants his retirement to look like.


  • [25:31] What is the I.C.E. plan and why should you have one?
  • [27:25] The first step to developing your I.C.E. plan: make a big contact list.


  • [30:09] A new relationship that made me happy - and he’s a great example of finding happiness through making the world a better place.

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