Retirement Answer Man

Want a great gift for a graduating high school or college senior?

Jon Chevreau’s book, Findependence Day, is a great gift that teaches important financial lessons within an interesting fictional story of a young couple walking through life.

We discuss:

  • The definition of financial independence
  • Life energy and the cost of spending
  • The war against consumerism
  • Why it’s harder to save than it used to be
  • The danger of paying too much attention to financial media
  • The call to action of “Freedom Not Stuff
  • The secret costs of moving homes

Are Your Password Safe?

Last week a client of ours had his e-mail hacked. The hacker then requested a wire from the client's account. Our security measures prevented it (Thankfully).  The story should make you seriously consider being more diligent about using strong passwords.  I explain how I manage my passwords.

Want access to the free Retirement Answer Library?  

This week we introduced this great resource to help you find the answer to your retirement questions. 

The Library includes worksheets and checklists to help you plan for and live in retirement. Each month new resources are added based on client and reader questions. Together we can build a library to Plan Well and Invest Wisely for retirement.

Gain Access Here

Resources Discussed

In Honor of Those That Serve

A big thank you this week to Frank Gustafon of One Bold Move for his service and for leaving a review of the podcast in iTunes. Frank is a Marine and has a great podcast for Service Members.

Lead like a Marine is a weekly podcast focused on helping Marines and other Service Members translate their leadership skills and abilities as they transition back into the civilian job market.  We interview those who “have been there and done that”.  Great stories of successful transition into the civilian marketplace.

If you enjoy the podcast and are so moved, I sure would appreciate a honest review in iTunes. It would help us build the Plan Well community which helps everyone make smarter financial decisions

Happy Memorial Day Friends

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