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Anyone who is a reader would be happy to give you their “top 10” list of book recommendations. But today’s episode is not about my top 10 - it’s simply a list of books that have had a great impact on my life through the years. Your list will by default be different than mine and that’s OK. I just wanted to put these books on your radar so that if you’re not familiar with them, you might consider them as a resource for your growth as an investor and as a human being. So grab a pen and paper so you can jot down these titles and the synopsis I give of each one - OR you can sign up for my Six Shot Saturday emails and you’ll get them sent directly to you. Either way, I hope this list of influential books is helpful to you.

Today I’m giving you 5 investing book recommendations and 5 “other” book recommendations.

You’d expect a guy called “The Retirement Answer Man” to give you a list of financial or investment related books for you to read. But those aren’t the only types of books I think you should be reading. There’s a ton of great insight out there into what it takes to be a better and more productive person who makes greater contributions to the world we live in. So I also wanted to give you some recommendations of books that could help you in that realm. And if you’ve got books that didn’t make my list, that’s great! Listen to the episode to find out how you can recommend your favorites to the entire listener community!

If you’re not a reader, you’re missing out on a lifetime of education.

I get it. For various reasons reading may be difficult for you. But I’m often reminded of the people all over the globe who literally CAN’T read and would give anything to be able to learn the skill. Most of them feel that way because they know that reading and the knowledge that comes from it can change their lives. This episode is an encouragement for you TO read as much as it is my recommendations of WHAT you should read. And don’t forget, audiobooks are now an option for you, so there’s really no excuse to be busy about the work of growth, education, and development in your own life.

One of the ways you have to be careful about what you read these days.

We are in a new era of publishing. Have you noticed? Now it’s possible for anyone to publish a book of their own making without any gatekeepers at a huge publishing house telling them they can or cannot publish their book. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us regular guys and gals to share the insights we’ve learned throughout life. But just like it’s wonderful that anyone can publish a book these days, there’s also a downside: anyone can publish a book these days. That means there’s a whole lot of junk out there you’ve got to wade through in order to find the good stuff. That’s one reason I’m giving you my book recommendations for investing and personal growth, on this episode. I trust it will be helpful.

Do you have book recommendations the listening community might enjoy?

Inevitably, when someone shares their recommended reading list with an audience (like I do on this episode) there’s going to be somebody who says, “What? I can’t believe you didn’t include (insert book title)!” It’s impossible to share every influential book, especially because books can have a particular impact on each of us at different times and seasons of life. So I invite you to listen to this episode to share your personal book recommendations in the areas of finance and personal growth. I will compile the list, create a PDF resource, and share it with the community in one of my 6 Shot Saturday emails. Are you game?



  • [0:25] My introduction to this episode about books I’ve read (that you should read).


  • [3:38] What is a “book” these days?
  • [4:50] Some of the disadvantages of the self publishing movement (for readers).


  • [6:22] According to PEW Research less Americans are reading these days.
  • [7:29] The age group breakdown: younger folks are more likely to be readers.


  • [8:49] My book list for your consideration, dear listener. :)
  • [10:33] 5 books that have impacted me in terms of investing.
  • [18:59] 5 non-investing books that have helped me.


  • [27:52] Email me an investing book and another book that has impacted you. I’ll compile all the recommendations and share them with you via “6 Shot Saturday.”


PEW Research study on American’s and Reading

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