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Decision making: It’s been said that not making a decision is actually making a decision. But we tend not to think of it that way because it doesn’t feel like we’re making a decision. It feels safer to go on the way things have been instead of making a change. But is that true? On this episode of the Retirement Answer Man, I’m excited to share some of the things I learned from a recent event I attended that have to do with making decisions that move you toward the goals and results you want to see happen in your life. What I learned is a 10 step approach to decision making that I think will benefit you greatly, so please - for your own sake - please take the time to listen.

How inertia can be an enemy to good decision making.

I’m no physics professor but I know that inertia has to do with the movement of things that are already in motion. You may not think of it this way but there are many things in your life that are already in motion. Your career. The direction your family is headed. Your financial condition. And much more. Many times the existing inertia in various areas of life becomes an enemy to making good decisions that could move our lives into a better place. On this episode, I’m going to talk about how you can avoid the trap of inertia and make decisions that set you up for a happier and more secure retirement.

Intentionality about life is the friend of good decisions.

Many times, the reason we don’t make decisions is that we’re not committed to actually DOING the things that are best for our own lives, families, and futures. We’ve got vague ideas of good things we’d like to see happen, but we haven’t committed ourselves to actually seeing them happen. Before you will be able to make good decisions about your future you have got to become intentional about it. You’ve got to become committed. Listen in as I ramble a bit about the importance of intentionality in decision making and give you 10 steps you can use to evaluate and make the best decisions for your life.

If a decision moves you away from the vision you have for your life, well...

Doesn’t it make sense that if a decision is going to move you away from your life vision, you shouldn’t do it?

“But wait a minute Roger, what’s all this talk about life vision? I don’t even know what that is!”

Yeah, I get it. Most people don’t have a life vision. On a previous episode, I talked about the importance of having a life vision and how you can go about creating a clear and compelling vision for the rest of your life. And believe it or not, it’s an important compass for the rest of life, including this issue of making good decisions that I’m dealing with on this episode of the podcast.

Why don’t you create a good old “pro and con” list for each decision?

Many things that we might consider “old” ideas are still around for a reason. They work. One of the 10 steps I give for making good decisions on this episode - it’s #9 - is to put together your own “pro and con” list regarding the decision. Brainstorm it. Write down every advantage and disadvantage to the decision you can. Sometimes this step alone brings enough clarity that you are able to see exactly what you should or should not do. And like I said, that’s just one of 10 steps I share on this episode so be sure you listen. It could help you make the best decision about that thing you’re contemplating right now!


  • [0:29] What is your decision making framework?


  • [4:54] How do we make a choice about the current election situation?
  • [5:50] Is the situation corrupt or crude? (from an article I read)


  • [7:03] What is inertia?
  • [7:53] How inertia can be an enemy to good decision making.


  • [13:27] A framework for making important decisions.
  • [15:14] Why intentionality is an important beginning step.
  • [17:19] #1 - Trust your gut (at least to admit what it says to you).
  • [18:20] #2 - Does the decision align with the vision for your life?
  • [19:32] #3 - Do your homework. Research what the outcome could be.
  • [20:00] #4 - Consult the important, trusted people in your life.
  • [20:51] #5 - Does a certain decision make you passionate.
  • [21:29] #6 - Do you have the strength to do it?
  • [24:08] #7 - Is it the right timing?
  • [27:09] #8 - Does this align with my personal values?
  • [28:49] #9 - Create a pros and cons list.
  • [29:40] #10 - Ask, “What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • [32:16] How you can get the worksheet for these steps.


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