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Burnout may not be top of mind for you when you’re thinking about retirement.

But maybe it should be. After all, you won’t be as productive in your pre-retirement years if you’re subject to job related burnout all along the way. Toward helping you think about your retirement planning in a healthier and more productive way I’ve asked Dr. Clark Gaither to join me. He’s known as “Dr. Burnout” and has studied and become an expert on the topic of burnout. He’s going to help us think through the causes, symptoms, and prevention of burnout and get us on the right track.

What IS burnout anyway?

Dr. Clark Gaither is an expert on the subject of burnout and says that it comes into our lives often when we are overworked, unsatisfied in our work, and a variety of other things. But what is it, really? It’s that sense of lethargy or weariness you feel - on a chronic basis - that keeps you from being your most productive. On this episode we’re going to dig into the causes of burnout and I’m going to challenge you to check yourself carefully to assess whether or not you’re at risk of burning out anytime soon. And if so, we’ll give you some ideas for what you can do about it.

What are the reasons for burnout? Are you experiencing any of them?

When I asked Dr. Gaither about the reasons for burnout he walked me through a handful of things that most of us experience at some time or another in our lives. But burnout sets in when they gang up on us and we experience many of them at once. On this episode we’re going to talk through all of Dr. Gaither’s reasons for burnout and I bet you find some of them present in your life right now. If so, what can you do about it? You’ll find out as you listen to Dr. Clark Gaither’s sound advice.

What can you do if you’re on the verge of burnout (or smack dab in the middle of it)?

Experiencing burnout can be one of the most frustrating and difficult things we go through in life. When you get to that place you’ve definitely got to do something about it - and quick. My guest today, Dr. Clark Gaither is known as “Dr. Burnout,” and he’s got a great set of suggestions for how you and I can address the burnout issues we’re facing and how to put some prevention steps in place to keep burnout at bay and provide a greater sense of satisfaction in our lives. Are you ready? Let’s find out together.

Here’s a very practical thing you can do over the next 7 days to assess your level of burnout.

On this episode Dr. Gaither shares some of the primary symptoms that people feel when they are experiencing burnout. On my SMART sprint segment of the show today I give you a very practical thing you can do to assess whether or not you are experiencing burnout so that you can have a better idea about what can be done to get relief and experience a fuller life as you head toward retirement. It’s not a hard homework assignment, so make sure you listen and find a way to fit it into your schedule this week.


  • [0:39] My introduction to this week’s topic: Burnout - and my special guest.



  • [2:11] What is burnout?



  • [4:06] The top 10 most stressful jobs and the 5 LEAST stressful jobs.


  • [7:01] Dr. Clark Gaither: who is he and why is he a specialist on the topic of burnout?
  • [8:00] How Dr. Gaither discovered his own level of burnout and what he did to help.
  • [13:07] Job related burnout symptoms you should know about.
  • [16:20] The things people do to “act out” when they are experiencing burnout.
  • [17:45] The good news and bad news with job related burnout.
  • [19:23] The 6 main causes for job related burnout.
  • [22:43] How to reignite yourself if you’re facing job related burnout.
  • [30:27] How to learn more about Dr. Gaither.


  • [32:25] Today’s challenge: For 7 days, write down what burnout symptoms you have.


  • [31:13] Self care is important to prevent burnout… what can you do?


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Burnout Inventory

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