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Retirement Planning is what thisshow is about, and I’m glad you’re here to be a part of theconversation. I’m Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answer Man and thisis the show where I seek to guide you through my years ofexperience as a retirement planner into not only planning for theretirement of your dreams but toward living the life of your dreamsnow. On today’s episode I want to chat a bit about the #1 regretpeople have when they are coming to the end of their lives - and Iwant to do it so that you can think about the kind of life you’reliving and make course corrections now so that you can be true toyourself.

What does it mean to live a life that is true toyourself?

Many people have dreams anddesires when they are young about what they want to do and bethrough the course of their lives. But things come up -expectations, responsibilities, needs, tragedies, and the course oflife gets reshaped over time. On this episode we’re going to lookinto the question of what it would mean to live a life true to whoyou are and discover some ways that you could be living to pleaseothers instead of living out the purpose for which you are on theplanet. Sounds a bit deep, but trust me - it is a conversation thatcould reshape the way you think about retirementplanning.

Life is meant to be lived, not tiptoedthrough.

It is vitally important in lifeto care about people. You might even say it’s the reason we’re onthe planet in the first place. But sometimes caring out what peoplethink of us and the things we are doing in life can lead us down apath of “people pleasing” instead of doing what we are meant to do.On this episode I’m going to dig into some of the expectations thatare placed on us during the seasons of our lives and how each ofthem could prevent us from living out our true calling, if we’renot careful. I think you’ll have some great food for thought fromthis episode.

Retirement Planning is all about positioning yourselfto truly live.

Many people approach retirementplanning as a sort of exercise in fear-avoidance. They plan aheadto avoid the pitfalls and fears that could happen during theretirement years. That’s great, and well worth doing - but you’rebeing underserved if all you’re being advised to do is stockpilethings so that you can be comfortable during your retirement years.I think it’s wise to approach retirement planning with a view towhat you want to be doing in the later years of your life that willallow you to continue being a blessing and contributor to theworld. When you have that kind of larger view, a world ofpossibilities open up. Do what you can to make some time to listento this episode. You’ll be glad you did.

Maybe, just maybe the economy is on therise.

Many companies are beginning topost their earnings right here after the first quarter of 2016, and74% of them are posting gains. That’s good news for the Americaneconomy overall, but there are some very interesting things withinthose numbers that give a bit of concern. For example, for thefirst time in 9 years, Apple computer posted a loss for the firstquarter with iPhone sales being down significantly. What does itmean for the economy? I’ve got some thoughts about it (as you mighthave guessed) and I’m going to share them with you on this episodeof the podcast.


  • [0:24] Roger’s introduction to this episode andwhat you can get from “Six Shot Saturday.”


  • [2:43] The biggest regrets of those about todie: a summary.
  • [4:35] Many people say, “I wish I’d lived trueto myself, not what others expected.”
  • [9:34] What are the expectations YOU are tryingto live up to?
  • [12:32] How retirement planning enables you tobe true to yourself and the life you are meant to live.
  • [14:50] The courage to let others bedisappointed in us.


  • [15:41] What are you doing based on others’expectations?
  • [16:32] How can you extract yourself from thosethings?


  • [16:54] 74% of companies are showing earningshigher than expectations.
  • [18:00] Apple Computer is down for the firsttime in 9 years.


  • [19:14] What is a benchmark?
  • [21:00] Why benchmarks can be misleading and abad source for good decisions.


  • [23:28] John asks about creditor protectionwhen rolling over funds.
  • [24:47] A recent Supreme Court ruling regardingIRA protection against creditors.
  • [25:23] How do widower benefits for SocialSecurity work?
  • [26:45] A young listener asks about hisinvestment strategy.


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