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I’m so thankful - SO THANKFUL - that you have joined me once again for The Retirement Answer Man show. I’m Roger Whitney, certified financial planner and your host for the show. If you’re new to the show, I’m glad you dropped by and encourage you to dig into the many resources I have available on the website for your retirement education and planning needs. On this episode I’ll answering a listener question about paying off his mortgage when retirement is looming, what it means to approach your investments from a “market timing” perspective, and how you can be happier by preparing for future growth. All that and even more, on this episode.

If we’re going to be happy in retirement we have to prepare for the inevitable losses that will come.

The older I get the more I realize that things are going to change - and not always for the better. I’m already feeling that I’m losing my ability in various areas that are important to me, most notably in the endurance and strength I have when doing some biking. I’ve also been reminded lately through the experiences of some friends that people, pets, and other things are going to pass on as life continues. Have you ever considered what effect those things are going to have on you during retirement? More importantly, have you considered how you’re going to deal with them and still remain happy? On this episode of the Retirement Answer Man I’m going to give you my approach to that issue and how I think it could help you be happy during your retirement years.

It appears that the Federal Reserve has changed its mind - again!

You likely remember the big news a few months back when the FED finally raised interest rates - the first increase in a very long time. At that time they also forecast how often they anticipated raising rates in the future, and it wasn’t a very happy looking forecast. Well, this past week the announcement was made that the predicted increases are actually a bit more aggressive than the powers-that-be at the FED think is wise, so they are scaling back their estimation of how frequently they’ll be increasing interest rates - and that will impact how we strategize for investing and retirement. On this episode, I’m going to give you my take on this news.

Should you pay off your home with retirement funds if retirement is almost upon you?

A listener will be retiring in the next 5 years - congratulations for sticking it out, by the way - and he asks me if it’s a smart thing to use some of his retirement funds to pay off his mortgage so that he won’t have that large expense to deal with once his retirement date arrives. There are good arguments on both sides of this decision and on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man I’m going to walk you through both scenarios and give you my thoughts on what I would do were I in his shoes.

It’s time to start S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G for your better health!

This show is not focused on physical health per se, but is definitely aimed at helping you achieve the healthiest retirement you can, and we have to admit that a huge part of that puzzle includes the gigantic piece of physical health. On this S.M.A.R.T. sprint segment of the show I’m giving you my suggestion that you should begin stretching every day - and tips on what it will do for you, how you can get started, and why it matters. It sounds small, but it can produce  world of benefits!


  • [0:24] My welcome to you, my honored guest to this episode!
  • [1:16] How you can make a comment or ask a question.


  • [3:20] How negative situations impact our ability to be happy in life.
  • [5:00] How can we deal with the losses that will happy in life?
  • [5:55] My approach: a growth mindset is powerfully important.


  • [6:22] The FED has dropped its expectations regarding future rate increases.


  • [8:56] What does “market timing” mean?
  • [9:37] An example of market timing.
  • [11:00] Why trying to predict through market timing doesn’t work too well.
  • [16:13] How does a market timing approach fit into your investing goals?
  • [16:50] The downside of a market timing approach.
  • [21:19] Why investing is only a tool in your entire life maximization strategy.


  • [25:50] A listener question: 5 years from retirement - should I pay off my mortgage with retirement funds?


  • [28:41] Start stretching! Really, I mean physical stretching!

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